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Are You An Effective Leader?

Are You An Effective Leader?

Last week, I asked the question "What will your story be in 2023?" If you took that question to heart and began to write out what you really want your 2023 to look like (or downloaded the questions), then it's time for the next step.

As a reminder, this e-coach is being released on the last day of the month. Many of you will be reading this in the first few days of February. Again, not to freak you out, but a good coach helps those they care about to be successful by keeping them grounded in reality. Reality is, well... a reality check in contrast to what we say we want. So, if you want your dreams - or in a business context, strategic vision - to turn into reality, read on.

Back to the question of the week. There are several elements to being effective. The one we're focusing on today is execution - the ability to get needed/desired results. This is a form of "self-leadership."

Once you've imagined a new and improved 2023, and created an initial action plan, how well do you execute it? Or, put another way, how effective are you at leading yourself to do what's necessary?

If you (or your team) need to improve your ability to execute, here is your coaching tip of the week: Tie activities and action items to time. How you see and use time can be a powerful way to realize your desires.

Power Tip: See time as your dream or strategic vision partner. If you've been in any of my workshops or coaching sessions, I reference time as a business partner.

Whether you're using this 2023 challenge personally or professionally, ask yourself, "What is my relationship to time?" Interestingly enough, everybody has one.

Ask yourself: Am I aware of it? Sensitive to it? How do I "work" with it? Do I respect it, treat it as gold, take it for granted, or let others misuse it?

The reality... time is your life. Every moment is a building block to a minute, never to be retrieved again. So, if you're truly serious about your 2023 personal aspirations or professional strategic vision you must take a serious look at your relationship to time.

The way to do that? Do a time audit. Take a week at a glance and examine how you used it. In fact, take this as your February Challenge.

Your February Challenge: Determine, over a period of a month, how your weekly activity is bringing your vision, desires, and plan into reality... even if it's just baby steps. This audit will serve as your reality check and you'll find time to be a very practical coach.

It will help in answering these final 3 questions:

  1. How badly do I want it?
  2. What am I letting get in the way?
  3. And why?
Note: As a subscriber, you have access to many free resources. One of which is the book Orgniazatinal Strategies for the Overwhelmed (also on audio). There is a great time management section in the book.

Make it a great week!