Following up on our last roundtable on boundaries, the topic of our next roundtable is the Fear of Conflict. If you ever get anxiety about the idea of addressing concerns with a difficult employee, or bite your tongue in an important meeting because your idea goes against the norm, or are uncomfortable expressing a personal boundary - you're battling a fear of conflict.

Join us Wednesday, Oct 27th at 12:30 PM Eastern as we unpack how fear of conflict holds us back and what we can do to confront conflict head on - the right way - which is a hugely important topic for leaders to master.

What we'll cover

  • Why conflict seems so intimidating - and why it shouldn't be!
  • The different kinds of conflict and how to recognize them
  • How to deal with conflict (both personally and amongst your team)

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Did you miss last month's roundtable on Personal Boundaries? Watch the recording here then sign up for the Fear of Conflict roundtable above to continue the conversation.

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