Part 1: Rethink - Leadership Competencies

The video above is the first in this 4-part leadership track, and explains the foundation of The Distinct Leader, based on 3 core leadership and management competencies.

In this remaining 3 parts of this track, you'll discover the true fit between leadership and management (what we call The Great Debate), learn how to start measuring soft skills, and understand the necessary building blocks of effective training and development. The remaining parts are available exclusively for LevelUp Members.

Our foundation is based on 3 core leadership and management competencies:

  1. Personal Power
  2. Social Power
  3. Community Power

Leadership, in any context, comes down to one's ability to affect change through a defined community or through a social construct. Personal Power is about having power (i.e. personal discipline) over yourself. Are you managing yourself in a way to get the results you want?

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