Too Much of a Good Thing - The Dark Side of Productivity

How does productivity become toxic? How can we foster healthy productivity? And what impact can it have on your team and organization? Read on to discover the answers, and watch the full video for more.

Too Much of a Good Thing - The Dark Side of Productivity

Wow... What a thought. Is it true that something positive can actually become negative? Yes, it's true - something can become negative. And, for our e-coach today, we're using the term, toxic.

What is Toxic?

So, what is toxic? Toxic means something that is harmful to you in any capacity - mentally spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

How then does productivity become toxic? It's when the pursuit of it becomes excessive to the point of harm.

The excessive pursuit of it comes from a distorted view of "being productive" and there are certain factors that drive that like:

  • insecurity
  • lack of conviction about work-life balance
  • not honoring what your body is telling you
  • low self-esteem
  • not knowing your limits or boundaries
  • believing it's not ok to have limits
  • not honoring them

In fact, there are several more. I invite you to view the full YouTube video on The Dark Side of Productivity. For now, as a leader, I invite you to model what you expect of others and that is appropriate self-care and in fact healthy productivity.

Healthy productivity is actually smart productivity, commonly known as working smart.

Healthy productivity involves:

  • being clear on your goals
  • being very aware and honest about time and its usage
  • knowing how to prioritize to get the right things done at the right time because we know time is finite!

As we close, consider these two questions:

  1. Are you walking it before you talk it?
  2. Are you aware of your own signals or when/where possibly your productivity is moving towards toxic?

Please watch the video, like and comment, and if you'd like to have this particular topic brought into your organization as a Lunch & Learn, let me know.

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