Transform Your Leadership with a Power Hour

Did you know you have a Power Hour? Well... I should say you have one, but you may or may not be using it.

Transform Your Leadership with a Power Hour
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Did you know you have a Power Hour? Well... I should say you have one, but you may or may not be using it.

As we continue our 2023 theme of writing your own story, (and for those you lead - helping them write theirs) we need to keep asking the question - What will Your Story be in 2023?

Continually asking that question is essential to keeping us tuned in and on course to what we really want. It will successfully help us manage the perpetual battle of external demands and internal wants and needs.

Remember: Our ability to do this is also a reflection of leadership effectiveness, which we discussed in my previous post.

So, how are we doing so far? It is now the month of March! Say what? Shocking I know! If your year has been anything like mine, it's been very busy and March has suddenly popped up like the daffodils in my neighborhood.

Whether your story is playing out as you envisioned at the beginning of the year, or you're in March feeling as if you're in someone else's story more than you are in your own, there is hope!  I have a simple practice that can radically change your storyline! It certainly has mine. Remember, we're on this journey together. Everything I'm writing for you, I'm writing for myself as well!

What's the practice? Have a Power Hour.

What's a Power Hour?

A power hour is a designated time of the week, that is non-negotiable...meaning can't be moved or bumped. It is treated as sacred. It is the time of the week that you give space to your mind, heart, and spirit to breathe and express themselves. It is a time when you Stop! and Listen to what's being said.

This time is golden because you are connecting to and tapping into your power. Here are just a few of the things you'll experience:

  • It will give you feedback from your internal voice, your subconscious, and spirit on decisions you've made
  • Express how you really feel about certain experiences that need to be addressed that you might otherwise minimize or ignore
  • Ideas for what to do next time
  • A flow of information (I mean this literally - it's like a download) as synthesized experiences that suggest areas of improvement & innovation

This list above is just a sampling. Your power hour is where you give yourself a chance to think not just from a superficial puddle, but from a deep thought-filled reservoir. Most people are "puddle thinkers" and can't really lead.

Your Power Hour is the one part of the week when you take back your time (your story partner) and check in on your vision and execution. It's like pulling off on the side of the road, checking your route to make sure you're going the right way before you get too far down the highway of 2023, going in the wrong direction.

So, as you can see, your Power Hour is critical. It is the core source of your leadership effectiveness and therefore ultimately its success. It powers your vision and empowers your leadership because you will hear and learn things that will transform your leadership beyond what you can see at the moment.

The result? It will solidify your vision, and deepen your conviction, desire, and motivation to see it through while refining your weekly actions and outcomes.

In the creative thinking space, this is considered experiencing the role your subconscious plays as your guide and coach. And as I've mentioned in previous e-coaches, this is the way to get new results from new thinking vs. trying to get new results from old puddle thinking.

Coaching Actions:

  1. I highly encourage you to honor your power hour. Commit to experiencing what it can do for you.
  2. Keep a journal. Keep track of the "ah-has", learnings, and insights. You'll be amazed as you review them over time what was revealed.
  3. If you don't have a power hour, determine when that will be in your weekly schedule and stick to it.
  4. If you have one and have not been honoring it, ask yourself why. You don't want to hear and learn in 6 months what you need to hear and learn today.  
  5. If you are a leader leading leaders - help them integrate this into their schedule, hold them accountable, and ask about what they are gleaning from it. Teach and coach strategic thinking and planning.

Remember: Every day you are scripting the next few pages of your story by the actions you take. Let your power hour be your co-writer and director.

- JoAnn