What Will Your Story Be in 2023?

What Will Your Story Be in 2023?

So, this is not meant to freak you out, but just to provide a reality check. It's 25 days into the new year... what's fresh, what's different? Are you on the path to getting more of what you want in 2023? Have you stopped, thought, and identified your more? Or, are you trying to get new results with old thinking... maybe even a bit disconnected from your authentic desires?

That's what the Refresh Challenge is all about. I shared the Refresh Questions last week, and now want to share the video that goes along with it:

What I want to do more of in 2023 is to impact more folks around the globe. So, beyond my LinkedIn Courses, and our Leadership Development Platform, I am substantially boosting the content on my YouTube channel. If YT is your thing - subscribe! In fact, here's a link to a video explaining the top 7 reasons why you should follow me.

Also, if you happen to be one of those folks who want to take their Refresh to the next level, you can use my leadership & management assessment which will help you identify possible areas of growth. Then you can use the results to craft a plan.

I'm calling this The 45-Day Refresh Challenge. Once you take the assessment you can craft an improvement/development plan on your own or if you know you're the kind of person that needs structure, input, and accountability, you can enroll in the 45-Day Coaching Cohort. You can also enroll a team if needed.

Remember, from the moment you read this..."The rest is still unwritten," as Natasha Bedingfield says (or sings!). What will your story be in 2023?